Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Do I have to register to use YouVivid?

Q2. What if I forget my password or account email?

Q3. How to modify my account info?


Make MV

Q1. Do I need to pay for using YoouVivid?

Q2. How to make MV?

Q3. How to modify previously saved MV?

Q4. What format is supported of uploading photo?

Q5. How to upload multiple photos at one time?

Q6. What language is supported when editing MV text?

Q7. How to delete photos or musics uploaded?

Q8. Can I modify the length or speed of template?

Q9. What is the video format for download? Can I edit the video after download?

Q10. How to auto repeat while playing downoaded video?

Q11. How to burn downloaded video to DVD?

Q12. Why the edges are cut off when playing DVD created with Flick DVD?

Q13. How to change background music for my MV?

Q14. How can I use multiple mp3 in one MV?


Download Video

Q1. How to download MV as high quality video? What payment option is supported?

Q2. How much does it cost to download video?

Q4. How to download video file after payment?

Q5. After video is downloaded, can I modify the MV and download the updated video again? Do I need to pay again?

Q6. What is the download count limit(10 times) means in the video downloading page?

Q7. What mobile device can download mobile video from YouVivid?


Share MV

Q1. How do I share MV online?

Q2. How do I add my MV to the Browse MV pages?

Q3. Why my friend cannot view my MV when sending through email?

Q4. What if I want my friend to view my MV by email, but don't want to open to public?

Q5. What if I don't want anyone to view my MV?


Account Management

Q1. What function is supported in Account management?

Q2. How to add template to My Favorite Template


Template Designer Area

Q1. What is Designer Area? Can I join to design template?


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