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Make Wedding Slideshow, Growing up Slideshow, Montage, and Music Video with 40+ exquisitely designed templates. Fast, easy, and free to create & share online. Instantly download high quality video for your wedding reception.

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Growing-up montage  More
Pic:41, Txt:85, Len:06:21
Pic:53, Txt:68, Len:05:46
Pic:48, Txt:46, Len:06:09
Pic:42, Txt:51, Len:06:10
Pic:51, Txt:57, Len:06:57
Pic:44, Txt:59, Len:06:25
Pic:54, Txt:48, Len:06:02
Pic:45, Txt:52, Len:07:21
愛情MV  More
Pic:34, Txt:46, Len:04:25
Pic:43, Txt:100, Len:06:11
Pic:42, Txt:43, Len:04:50
Pic:47, Txt:84, Len:04:37
Pic:41, Txt:56, Len:05:22
Pic:39, Txt:50, Len:05:07
Pic:45, Txt:35, Len:04:10
Pic:37, Txt:30, Len:04:03
Wedding slideshow  More
Pic:42, Txt:51, Len:05:00
Pic:30, Txt:35, Len:04:39
Pic:38, Txt:5, Len:06:10
Pic:42, Txt:3, Len:06:21
Pic:43, Txt:44, Len:05:51
Pic:37, Txt:9, Len:04:15
Pic:40, Txt:24, Len:04:30
Pic:31, Txt:37, Len:05:05
捧花MV  More
Pic:8, Txt:11, Len:01:25
Pic:8, Txt:19, Len:01:15
Pic:8, Txt:13, Len:01:01
Pic:16, Txt:19, Len:01:07
Pic:18, Txt:30, Len:02:06
Pic:8, Txt:15, Len:01:57
Pic:6, Txt:9, Len:01:10
Pic:6, Txt:15, Len:01:06
To our parents
Pic:40, Txt:73, Len:07:03
Pic:40, Txt:48, Len:05:51
Pic:41, Txt:43, Len:06:20
Pic:43, Txt:49, Len:06:12
Pic:35, Txt:41, Len:06:09
Pic:32, Txt:35, Len:05:16
Pic:33, Txt:36, Len:06:21
Wedding opening  More
Pic:28, Txt:17, Len:01:48
Pic:18, Txt:15, Len:02:07
Pic:17, Txt:22, Len:01:05
Pic:12, Txt:14, Len:01:51
Pic:21, Txt:19, Len:01:53
Pic:15, Txt:14, Len:01:36
Pic:17, Txt:8, Len:01:26
Pic:19, Txt:14, Len:01:44
Video invitation
Pic:8, Txt:10, Len:01:17
Pic:5, Txt:8, Len:01:06
Pic:4, Txt:8, Len:00:46
Pic:4, Txt:5, Len:00:42
Pic:4, Txt:6, Len:00:38
Pic:4, Txt:7, Len:00:41
Pic:4, Txt:7, Len:00:45
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